Chris Hamlin - President

Chris is our owner and president. He heads up sales, budgeting and bidding. He is client-focused and loves to transform our client's homes for a living. Chris has a bachelors in Robotics and has deep background in framing, construction & remodeling. Chris and his wife Shari spend their free time fishing, camping, and chasing after their beloved dog Tanner.

  • Title: President & Owner
  • How did you get started remodeling? When I was about 8 years old, my dad decided to add on to our SE Portland home. By himself, he added the coolest family room/bedroom addition I had ever seen. He let me help out by pounding nails in everywhere he put an X. I was hooked!
  • What is your greatest remodeling strength? I guess it would be my knowledge of structural design. What we can and can't do to a home to get the remodel our clients want.
  • What is your favorite tool? The board stretcher.
  • What is your favorite past time/hobby? Fishing, camping, Dirt bike riding.
  • How long have you been remodeling? Since I was about 8 :). I really started in construction around 13 or 14. Full-time at about 18 or 19, so about 35 years or so.
  • What is your favorite room in a home? Why? The Great room/kitchen, because it's where everyone seems to end up during a get-together and visiting, helping cook, etc.
  • Do you know any remodeling myths? There is a great tool that will lift anything if you can find it. The great red sky hook!
  • What do people need to know before starting a remodel? That there will be a lot of involvement on their part with decisions, timing, pricing, and an impact on their home. We minimize it to the greatest extent, but it is sometimes more than clients think.
  • Who is Highland Ridge's ideal client? Someone who realizes the value of what it takes to give them a good remodel project experience.
  • Why should someone choose Highland Ridge to remodel their house? We will take great care of their home before, during and after the project, and provide as minimal impact to their day-to-day activities as possible. We strive to make it a great experience.

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